Blackberry - untrusted



I am a (proud) owner of an BlackBerry Q10 (OS version 10.3.2) and get a certificate warning when visiting
After some research I found out that BlackBerry might be one of the last remaining OS/Tools which seem to not trust letsencrypt as a CA.

What can be done? Just wait until BlackBerry decides to import/trust the CA or is there something else which can be done (no, importing the chain is not an option :wink: )



Same Problem here…

I think the BlackBerry does not known about the “bridge trust”, the intermediate from lets encrypt is signed from a second root (forgot the signers name) to be trusted even when the letsencrypt root is not imported.

BlackBerry should really Patch their Browser soon.


That’s correct - the root certificate currently used for cross-signing (as well as the ISRG root) is not included in the root certificate list BlackBerry ships with their devices. Someone mentioned asking BlackBerry about this a while ago, and they indicated that they’d look into adding the root certificate, but I haven’t seen anything more official or an ETA.


BlackBerry 10.3.3 will have Let’s Encrypt trust built in, but if you are running 10.3 - 10.3.2 you can import all eight required certificates for full LE trust with just two clicks using my totally free BlackBerry 10 Native app multiCERT.



Support for Let’s Encrypt has arrived in BlackBerry 10.