Requesting feedback on upcoming changes to the Chain of Trust and Certificate Compatibility pages

Hi forum folks,

We've already announced that we will be deploying our new intermediates on June 6, 2024. As part of this, we need to update our website documentation to describe the new hierarchy.

To that end, I have prepared updates to our "Chains of Trust" and "Certificate Compatibility" pages:

Please take a look, and let me know what you think (both of the content itself, and of the layout of that content) either in this thread or on the PR.



looks before 2021 section of chain of trust page mostly duplicate: I'd remove roots there and any 'pending at then but active now' intermideates from there.


Yep, that's the idea. (Maybe it's a bad idea! But it is on purpose.) The bottom half of the page is an exact copy of the current Chains of Trust page. That's because it's still correct and relevant info, up until June 6. But it's maybe not the info that people need most, because we expect most of the visitors to this page to be people preparing for the June 6 transition. So the plan is to keep it in place as-is, and then simply delete it on the 6th.


These pages have now been updated! Thanks for the feedback, folks.


I have one late request to the Compatibility page...

Has there been any consideration about listing the minimum versions of major software libraries needed for compatibility?

e.g. the minimum versions of certifi (python) and go (i think the certs are in their stdlib), etc