Unsubscribed from emails question

I received a renewal email for a cert that was no longer needed so I clicked the unsubscribe button. Will this affect all my renewal emails from Let’s Encrypt or just for this domain?

If it affects all domains, can I resubscribe?

It will affect all domains.

Unfortunately not. There’s an open issue to add this. As mentioned in that issue the easiest workaround is to update your email address to something new.

wow… that’s highly unfortunate. thanks.

Agreed. I updated the language in the email to (hopefully) make the outcome of clicking clearer, but the change hasn’t been activated in production yet.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Had the same issue. This isn’t very user friendly no :smirk:

This news has certainly increased the priority of implementing a certificate expiration dashboard that had backburnered.

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