Receiving certbot renewal emails for revoked certificate - how to cancel?


I’m receiving certbot renewal emails for a revoked certificate. How do I to cancel these?

I (probably wrongly) hit ‘unsubscribe’ - but I’m guessing that this means I may now not receive renewal emails for my valid/current certificate?

Any help/pointers, gratefully received.

Thanks very much.

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That’s correct. The right answer would have been to simply ignore the emails.

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Revoked certificates don’t generate expiry emails. Most likely, there was another certificate that shared the same domain names, which was not revoked. You can look them up on .

There’s some helpful info on regarding resubscribing:

There’s not yet a way for us to efficiently re-subscribe you if you unsubscribe. Our email provider, Mandrill, has a manual mechanism that we still need to automate.

However, you can change the email address on your account, which effectively re-subscribes you. Many common email services treat the same as . So if you update your email address to , you can start getting expiry mail again. With Certbot, use:

certbot update_account --email

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The reminders are useful - saves me running the following from time to time, which I forget to do:
sudo openssl x509 -dates -noout < /path_to_cert/cert.pem

Sure I can ignore them. But why wouldn’t I want to fix them?

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The “fix” for a renewal email for a cert that you don’t want any more is to ignore it (IIRC, there are only two reminders before expiration, so this isn’t all that burdensome), or to completely unsubscribe your email address from all notifications. Those are the options. There are no per-cert or per-domain settings. So, no, I’m not saying ignore all the emails (though if you’re getting them with any frequency, it’s likely that you’re using Let’s Encrypt in a way in which it really wasn’t designed to be used), just to ignore the emails for certs you don’t want any more.

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@danb35 Great, thanks, tha makes sense.

@_az that’s a useful link to teh certs, cheers!

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