Unsubscribe selected certificates expiry notification

I have multiple certificates issued under same email and I want to unsubscribe / stop receiving certificate expiry notifications only for a couple of them which are no longer in use.


Email notifications are attached to the account not individual domains.
It the domains all used individual accounts that may be possible.
If they used the same account… may be not so possible.

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As @rg305 mentioned (Thank you!) it is presently only possible to unsubscribe for all certificate expiry messages from the system. We've heard from other users that they would like to unsubscribe with finer granularity and have an open issue on the Boulder repo for it you may be interested in subscribing to: Allow unsubscribing from expiration emails on per-certificate basis · Issue #2475 · letsencrypt/boulder · GitHub (Related: Making it easier to re-subscribe, Make it possible to resubscribe to notification emails about domain cert. expiring · Issue #1396 · letsencrypt/boulder · GitHub )

We use a third party service for email delivery that doesn't offer this feature. Adding it ourselves is, unfortunately, quite a bit of work and there are a number of other things competing for developer time :slight_smile:

Thanks for your understanding/patience!

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