Unable to activate SSL for Plesk Ubuntu WordPress instance

In the process of activating SSL for domain name giftsplendid.fun (domain registrar NameCheap). Updated A record on NameCheap for the domain name.

While activating on Plesk, getting this message:

Could not issue an SSL/TLS certificate for giftsplendid.fun

Could not issue a Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate for giftsplendid.fun .

The authorization token is not available at http://giftsplendid.fun/.well-known/acme-challenge/wHLaNK4JkpA-TxSZpAY5M8b_e1UAVPzBSxvboWYSHGQ.

To resolve the issue, make sure that the token file can be downloaded via the above URL.

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While activating on Plesk, getting this message:

In order to use your Plesk server to request a LetsEncrypt certificate for a domain, you need to first set up the domain on the same Plesk server and test it to be sure the site (ie http://giftsplendid.fun) loads the default Plesk page or your custom website if you've uploaded it.

But when I load http://giftsplendid.fun, it opens the default Nginx page, not the default Plesk page or any custom website.

Which makes me suspect the domain may not have been pointed to the same Plesk server you're using to request the LetsEncrypt certificate, hence the error message you're seeing.


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