Try asking Lets Encrypt to increase the limit or wait 7 days

I’m trying to get my first sslforfree certificate to protect an IIS site.
I did several requests because of the issues I faced to get the http file with no extension.

Do I correctly understand the “Let’s encrypt” community can enable me to ask immediately for a certificate for the domain:

without waiting 7 days?

Hope to hear from you. Thank you


Have you actually issued 5 or 6 different certificates and lost the private keys for all of them?

If you tried to issue a certificate, but never succeeded, that's a very different matter.

We recently (April 2017) introduced a Failed Validation limit of 5 failures per account, per hostname, per hour. This limit will be higher on staging so you can use staging to debug connectivity problems.

If you're running into that rate limit, you have less than an hour to wait.

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I did not issued any certificate. Just tried.
Now I will be able to verify the request succesfully, because I opt fo a TXT DNS verification. So no more failed validation.

Please confirm if I can try, Thank you.

Validation TXT record:
TXT Record Found. Make sure the value matches the value specified previously with the domain:

Class: IN
Ttl: 14399
Type: TXT
Txt: vh3upOouNg2QUjnJXtIUGWmLcO__YzqtJo80onE9hUc
Entries: [“vh3upOouNg2QUjnJXtIUGWmLcO__YzqtJo80onE9hUc”]

I don't personally know; i'm not one of the Let's Encrypt staff. :sweat:

It's been over half an hour since your first post. Wait until 1 hour after the first failed validation. Which is probably soon. :smile:

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