Too many requests with a 7 day timeout

Trying with several how-to examples that keep failing to register a domain/server has now resulted in a in a limits hit (being more than 5 attempts ‘today’) with no way to reset this will most likely make not a solution to use. There needs to be a way to ask for resets till one gets this right from the myriad of ‘paths’ you go down trying to get the cert to work in the first place.

Hi @dmc1961,

If you didn’t get your certificate, the rate limit that you hit will reset after only one hour.

There is a Failed Validation limit of 5 failures per account, per hostname, per hour. This limit is higher on our staging environment, so you can use that environment to debug connectivity problems.

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The “failed attempts” limit is five per hour, not per day. But if you’re testing, you should use the testing environment–it still has rate limits, but they’re much higher.

You can also force that particular limit to reset immediately by creating a new Let’s Encrypt account. (This isn’t recommended at all, and is not intended to be convenient, but can be done in an emergency.) Please use the staging server instead of the production server for testing and debugging (and let us know here on the forum if you need support for failed certificate requests).

Thank you for this - looked at the limits site which is talking 7 days - arrrhhh!!!

Thanks again. I am revisiting this as I have a couple of sites that I have started to roll in. Traditionally I have setup the _acme server in their DNS Zone and put in the text record - but I can see I can use the --manual option and just store a cert in a file on the actual web server. Didn’t help today that the domain from the CentOS server keeps resolving back to the external IP instead of its own host setup - but no issue if I use ( somedom deliberately not real for publishing this :slight_smile: ) - that seems to work now but then I hit the ‘too many tries’ limit so… was stuck.
Also having an awful time with auto-renewing existing sites and one I did last night manually once again because of the myriad of ‘renew’ via cron examples for me not working - it is CentOS with nginx.
This one today will cross the same boundary in coming months so need to get something streamlined with no human intervention if possible - too many examples that fail on-line have completely confused me but I will keep hacking away as time permits.
Thanks again for clarifying the limit, that I can live with.

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