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Hi there,

On FreeBSD using NGINX I am attempting to move ssl to letsencrypt using certbot.
I have other domains working fine, but I had 5 failed attempts in an hour. (The failure messages did not mention what comes next)

New attempts to register a cert for a new domain now fail.
with this error:

An unexpected error occurred:

There were too many requests of a given type :: Error creating new order :: too many failed authorizations recently: see

On the mentioned page it indicates

There is a Failed Validation limit of 5 failures per account, per hostname, per hour. This limit is higher on our staging environment, so you can use that environment to debug connectivity problems.

If you’ve hit a rate limit, we don’t have a way to temporarily reset it. You’ll need to wait until the rate limit expires after a week.

Does this mean I have to wait a week due to 5 failed attempts in an hour to setup the new cert for a domain?

Thank you for the clarification


In the last 60 minutes, you can have at most 5 failed validations per (account, hostname) pair.

Once enough time elapses such that you only have 4 (or less) failed validations in the last 60 minutes, you will have the opportunity to try again.


Thank you!
Awesome got it done

maybe if possible they should consider adding to the failure notice a warning regarding 5 failures per hour and to use —dryrun instead

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