Failed validation limit - How long should I wait?

I ran the command 'certbot certonly --standalone' several times, and unfortunately, I didn't realize that I had port 80 closed on my router because I usually use port 8080.
I would like to know how long I have to wait before I can try again now that I have opened the port.

I checked the provided link, but I couldn't find any indication of time.

Thank you.

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All issuance requests are subject to a Failed Validation limit of 5 failures per account, per hostname, per hour.


It says "per hour". Could you perhaps specify how Let's Encrypt could improve the documentation?


Seems like that might be taken as the "trigger" to an offense; But it doesn't necessarily specify the penalty period.

You must stay below the radar, or you will be caught.
Ok, what happens if I get caught?


That could be elaborated on indeed.

We as regulars would know about the sliding window, but if you're not experienced, that question might be raised indeed, good point.


Opened a pull request:

Open for other suggestions of course :slight_smile:


Exactly as rg305 said. I had interpreted that phrase only as a trigger to activate the penalty.

Thanks for the information.


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