Tool for proxying non-ssl websites via letsencrypt auto ssl

Hello, I just found out about letsencrypt 2 days ago and I rushed to make a web based tool which issues certificates automatically and setups nginx proxy to the non-ssl websites.

For example if input is an SSL request is made for and nginx has a vhost setup along with the issued ssl certificate and proxying to http port.

However during development I quickly hit the rate limit and I wish I would’ve known about --test-cert and --staging flags sooner.

Is my use case fine with letsencrypt terms of use/issuance policy? Are there any means to get whitelisted or something for my domain at this stage?

unfortunately not.

You can still use the staging / test system though.

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Oh well guess I missed the private beta, thank you very much.

Maybe I missunderstood your question.

There is no need to “whitelist” a domain to get a certificate now that the system is in public beta ( as there was in private beta).

In terms of the rate limit, you can not currently “whitelist” against that limit. You will need to just wait (or use the existing certificates you have). For testing though, you can use the staging server.

No that’s exactly what I meant, to whitelist against the rate limit. I messed up issuing real certificates for test hosts I don’t really need (I did revoke them) during development not knowing about staging, so I’m in a situation where I have to wait 7 days to get the certificates for the hosts I really need, oh well.