Too many signed certificates

Hi there,

I will admit that I have not read the documentation and that left me in the situation I am in. I was testing the provisioning of a server that requested and got a certificate. Unfortunately it appears that too many certificates have been issued against this hostname now. I didn’t know about the --test-cert toggle either otherwise I’d have used that.

So the question is…Is there a way for me to remove the certificates instead of me changing the hostname of the machine and having LE sign more certs than are needed?

No, you’ll need to wait the 7 days for the rate limits to reset.

As @cool110 said, there’s no way to reset the counter–even if you revoked one or more of the certificates (which you could do, but I wouldn’t recommend), it’s going to be 7 days before you can issue another one. But is something preventing you from using one of the certs you’ve already obtained?

They got destroyed along with the VPS when I did an OS reinstall. I was working on automating the deployments which included the certificate registration. I never actually kept the original certs.

Just wait for 7 days, and you will be able to issue certificate again. Also, if you have private key, you can find your certificate from

Yep, that would make it tough. You could still get the certificates by searching at, but without the private keys they’re worthless. Also without the private keys, you couldn’t revoke them even if it would help you.

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