Revoke all issued certificates


Situation is as follows…
During app deployment our dev team accidentally included certificate generation script, thus many dummy subdomain certificates were generated/issued.

Unfortunately all private keys, and all certificate related data were deleted on completion of deployment, and we can’t revoke it manually anymore.
Repeatedly receiving the following error message: “An unexpected error occurred:
There were too many requests of a given type :: Error creating new cert :: too many certificates already issued for:”

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Hi @zejur,

There is no need to revoke the certificates, a certificate should be revoked if the private key has been compromised in any way (stolen, revealed in public, etc). but you said you have deleted all the certs and their keys so, no need to revoke the certs.

Revoking a certificate has no influence on rate limits imposed by Let’s Encrypt so you would need to wait 7 days (or less depending when you issued your certs).



Revokation does not reset the rate limit counters. You have to wait. Next time you rather should use the Let's Encrypt staging environment during application development and switch to production on roll out.

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We were more concerned about the error message. In the morning there was a need to create a certificate, but suddenly it turned out that the limit was exhausted.
Honestly I was not aware of those limits, thus there was a little hope that we would be able to gain another certificate by revoking/deleting old ones.

So now it’s clear.

Thank You!


We’ll have to discuss this with our team to avoid such surprises in the future.
Thank You!

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