Revoke all Certificates?


I’ve setup some subdomains with certificates but when i want to expand the certificate for a new subdomain, it says that there are ‘Too many certificates already issued for: xxx.xxxxx.xxxx’ is There any Limit for ssl certificates? Can I revoke all certificates for my domain so that i can get completely new certificates I think i generated some which are now not used anymore.



If you’d read the FAQ, you’d see an item with “What are the current rate limits” with a link to the Quick Start Guide which has a paragraph about Rate Limiting. (Also found in the documentation section of the forum.)
Revocation does not have any influence on this rate limit.

I did read both the FAQ and the Quick Start Guide, that error message is not really clear I thought i had too much certificates at ALL not for this time of 7 days.

However thanks for your help.


True, the error message doesn’t give a lot of information, agreed.