How to revoke a cert if the cert is not available?


I’ve been trying to setup a cloud server (Digital Ocean) and have deleted multiple servers. How can I revoke these certs for my domain so I can encrypt my current server (I switched from nginx to apache so this will be the last switch)


You’ve deleted everything? Certs, private key for the certs ánd the private keys for your LE accounts?

In that case revoking isn’t possible as far as I know…

From the context of your post, I’m assuming you’re hitting the rate limit? If so, revoking wouldn’t help you anyway. Revoked or not, the cert counts for the rate limit.


Yep, the machines were destroyed. So I can’t set up https for my domain now?


If you’ve hit the rate limit, as @Osiris says, even if you could revoke the previous certs, that wouldn’t do anything for you. Wait seven days from when the first cert for that domain was issued (check if you don’t know when that was), and then you can generate a new cert.


You don’t need to revoke a certificate to obtain a new one. Just get a new one.

Unless you hit the limit, in which case just wait a week as @danb35 suggests.