Too many certificate expiry emails



I appreciate the certificate expiry emails that are trickling into my mailbox these days, but they should probably be deduplicated. In particular, I got three for the exact same domain within 15 minutes; probably because I generated the same certificate a few times in a row back when I set things up. Given that it doesn’t include the certificate serial or anything like that, shouldn’t it just assume that when I generate a new one, it doesn’t need to warn me about the newer one?


Hm, I see someone beat me to it by 17 minutes: Usless warning email for an already renewed cert


Why are there so many emails sent for the same domain? I’ve got 6 emails in 2 hours. I hope that will stop! Is this a bug?


Refer to the thread linked by @Sesse. This is a known bug for now, but deduplication is being worked on.