Too many bad requests

The problem is I received several emails telling me I must re-authorize my certificate even though it should valid for several months, Each time I tried to re-validate the already valid certificate I receive an error since it did not need to be re-authorized.

To correct this you need to stop sending notices that a certificate is expiring when it, in reality, is not. We do not know if the email is valid so we attempt to reauthorize as per the instructions when it actually is not necessary.

This is unavoidable when there exist many over lapping certificates for the same domain.
Some will start to expire while others remain valid.
And there is no way for anyone to know exactly which certificates are in use and which are no longer being used.

How many certs do you have for your domain?

Thank you. Yes I understand that. My post was in response to another email I received telling me there were too man invalid request and my intention was to explain it.

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