Usless warning email for an already renewed cert

Would it be possible to suppress certificate expiry emails for certificates that have already been renewed? I just got an email saying that one of my certificates will expire in 11 days when it has already been renewed and good for another month.

I can picture these emails getting annoying quickly given how many domains I maintain.


Yep, this is being worked on here:

and here:


And they could be sent earlier, received one today about a certificate expiring in 0 days, still 15 hours left to renew it. :sunglasses:

Same happened to me today. Received an email for a certificate that was renewed and is valid until 29.03.

+1 to this feature.

I switched to Letsencrypt for certificates almost 90 days ago now and I’ve been receiving warning e-mails about expiration for domains that I’ve renewed (some have been renewed twice), I’ve verified that the new certificates are in place and not going to expire until May using the following command:

openssl x509 -noout -dates -in <path to certificate>

The e-mails should only be sent for domains whose most recently issued/renewed certificate is about to expire, as otherwise I’m going to get into the habit of ignoring monthly e-mails warning of a problem that doesn’t really exist, which means if a genuine expiry is going to occur I may miss it until things start failing.

I also continue to receive emails for multiple certificates where I’ve set up a daily cron to --keep-until-expiring.

I’d like the emails as a backup but the emails do not seem to be relating to reality?

The emails should be a lot less noisy for any certificates issued after March 17th:

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