Do not remind when certificate already renewed


I’m now at my 90 day renewal for a bunch of domains.

I get the week warning, and I act on it… great. But then the 0-day warning arrives anyway, and then I panic until I read the warning that I’ve already renewed.

It seems like I ought not get a renewal notice if I’ve already renewed?


It’s a known issue. Fix has been merged upstream. Still need to be deployed on production.


Got email today from saying a cert was soon expiring even though successfully renewed a week ago.

Looks like the problem is not yet fixed, what’s the timeline for getting it into production?

Meanwhile I guess I’ll just ignore the warnings.


Me too I am getting notices telling me my certificates are expiring today, but when I look at the certificate in my browser it says the renewal date is in June!

Can we please progress this to a resolution?

Thanks, Clock.


Was the certificate for which you received a notification issued before or after March 17th?

If it’s the former, then the certificate was issued before the fix went into production. AFAIK some of the tables the expiration mailer uses haven’t been backfilled for older certificates, meaning you could still get unnecessary notifications for those. If your certificate was issued after March 17th, you shouldn’t be seeing any of that.


I’ve continued to get “expiry notice” emails, in fact got another one today. The cert for the domain in question was renewed/issued on Mar 10 2016 and expires Jun 8, so it seems I just missed the cutoff.

Probably I should renew (or request new certs, the renewal process doesn’t work consistently on our FreeBSD servers) and see if it’s resolved. Though I guess I won’t know for a couple of months.