Wrong renew Mail from LetsEncrypt for valid cert

Hello Community,

why send expiry@letsencrypt.org eMails with expire warning, even though the certs all new ?

i have this problem with multiple Domains, all owner becomes the Warining mail, but why ?

Hi @jl123

please read the link shared in the mail:

There is your complete explantation.

the core Problem we have renew all cert the last days :slight_smile: still letsEncrypt send the mails, the certs expired the next time ...

@jl123 Let's Encrypt, as @JuergenAuer already implied, does not send useless e-mails. If it send an e-mail, there is a good reason for it, explained in the link already provided.

Why do you think there still is a problem? Did you read the Expiration Email documentation page completely? Did you understand everything? If not, what didn't you understand? If you did understand it all, why do you still think Let's Encrypt is e-mailing you without a reason (besides the ones explained in the documentation page)? And if you require any further explanation, please post an example hostname, so we can explain it again.

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Hi and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

I think you are not fully understanding the renewal process.
For instance...
Let's say you have a cert with two names on it.
Then you force a renewal to add a third name into it.
From your perspective that cert was "renewed" and the bot should be aware of it.
But the reality is there is no such thing happening.
Let me explain:
When the cert changed from two to three names, it became a whole new cert - not a renewal.
And from that moment forward two certs exist even thow your system has discarded the first and is only using the second.
The certbot expiry bot is not aware of that and there is no way to make it aware of that.
So it sees two cert and waits...
Eventually the first one will get exceeding close to expiration (as it has never been renewed) and the bot emails you to inform you to check and verify if you still need that cert to take action.

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