This site can’t provide a secure connection, sent an invalid response. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

My domain is:

I ran this command:
sudo certbot --apache -d

It produced this output (in web browser chromium):
This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.

I rebooted server, restarted apache, changed rights, etc., but still the same situation. I have letsencrypt folder in my /var/www folder, so /etc/letsencrypt is as link to this folder. Could be the problem?

Log (last message before 2 hours, but now nothing is storing to log):
Description: Apache Web Server plugin
Interfaces: IAuthenticator, IInstaller, IPlugin
Entry point: apache = certbot_apache.entrypoint:ENTRYPOINT
Initialized: <certbot_apache.override_debian.DebianConfigurator object at 0x7f105c1fd6a0>
2019-08-22 10:07:19, storage file /etc/letsencrypt/.pluginstorage.json was empty, no values loaded
2019-08-22 10:07:19,489:INFO:certbot.renewal:Cert not yet due for renewal
2019-08-22 10:07:19,490:DEBUG:certbot.plugins.selection:Requested authenticator apache and installer apache
2019-08-22 10:07:19,490:DEBUG:certbot.plugins.selection:Selecting plugin: * apache

My web server is:
Server version: Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu)
Server built: 2019-04-03T13:22:37

The operating system my web server runs on is:
Linux hosek 4.15.0-48-generic #51-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 3 08:28:49 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I can login to a root shell on my machine:

I’m using a control panel to manage my site:

The version of my client is:
certbot 0.31.0

Thanks for help.

Hi @genderbee

looks like you have found a solution.

Your connections ( ):

Domainname Http-Status redirect Sec. G 301 0.117 D 301 0.120 A 301 3.730 N
Certificate error: RemoteCertificateNameMismatch 200 3.513 I

Your certificate:
expires in 80 days - 1 entry

So your www version is secure.

Only thing: You should create one certificate with both domain names (non-www and www) and use that. So your non-www version is secure.

Perhaps clean your Chrome cache.

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