The creation email of let's encrypt must be valid

I have several wordpress sites and I want to install let’s encrypt free. Does the creation email have to be valid? and how should i do for automated renewal

Hi @brahim, welcome to the community!

We use the contact email address to send notifications when certificate expiration is too near ( we suggest renewing certificates 30 days before expiry ). So, if you provide an email address at all, please be sure it is deliverable. It will be MOST useful if it reaches someone who can take action for renewal.

However, the API does not force you to provide a contact address at all. You may register without an email address.

As for HOW to assure renewals are automatic, that typically depends upon your choice of client. If you use certbot, for example, a simple cron job with a randomized starting time typically suffices. Please let us know if you have more questions.

The e-mail is also used to send notifications when someone’s configuration is broken or no longer compatible with Let’s Encrypt services due to technical problems. This has happened a couple of times recently. So it’s helpful to have that address in order to be able to receive these notifications, unless you’re paying close attention to keeping your software updated.

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Thank you for the answer,
For automatic renewal: I use wordpress is there a plugin that manages this automatically?

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