Sending Email from Let's Encrypt

I understand that let’s encrypt send out the email nearer to the date of SSL expiration. How does let’s encrypt send out the email?
Am I able to use my own mail relay to send let’s encrypt email from the server?

Let’s Encrypt have a special expiry mailer service running on their servers, which scans their certificate database and figures out who to notify. It then dispatches the emails via Mandrill.

If you want to monitor your own certificates and send your own emails, you would need to do so separately.

The client software itself (Certbot or whatever) does not usually do this kind of monitoring or emailing.

Does it mean email from let’s encrypt will send from their server and not sending out from my server?
Do you have any idea how I can test it out to check if I will receive the email?


You could of course disable automatic renewal temporarily and closely monitor the certificate. LE will e-mail about 2 weeks in advance for the first warning.

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