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I have server based on DirectAdmin + Let’s encrypt official script. My Customers are getting emails like:

From: Message System admin@myserver
Subject: Error during automated certificate renewal for domainname

From: Let’s Encrypt Expiry Bot expiry@letsencrypt.org
Subject: Let’s Encrypt certificate expiration notice for domain domainname

How can i change the recipients e-mail ? I do not want customers to receive notifications, if there are any problems i’m resolving it alone.

Regards, Michal

Hi @mpawlak,

Let's Encrypt isn't generating this email. It must be from some part of your own system in this case. We only send emails about soon-to-expire certificates, not failures to renew/validate.

The answer to this depends on DirectAdmin's Let's Encrypt plugin supporting updating registration emails. Have you asked the developers/support about this feature? I'm afraid I don't know whether it is supported or how to do it.

Hope that helps,

Hi, thanks for information i will ask directadmin support about that.

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Best of luck!

If I could make one small request: If you hear back with a solution (or confirmation that it isn’t supported) could you also share that here? I’m sure that over time you won’t be the only person to run into this. It would be nice to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for future visitors to this thread.

Thanks @mpawlak,

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If one would renew the certificate 30 days before expiry, wouldn’t the Let’s Encrypt mailer see the renewal and not send a reminder?

Regarding the LE mailer - it will send you a reminder if your cert is going to expire and you haven’t renewed it but otherwise it won’t send you anything.

If your certificate is slightly different (i,e. your old one was www.domain.com and your new one is for www.domain.com and test.domain.com) you will still get a renewal reminder for the old combination (until it expires).

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