Not receiving notification emails

I have acquired a few letsencrypt certificates over the past several months but so far no expiry notification emails have arrived. The certificates are renewing fine but it would be nice to know.

I am getting other mail from letsencrypt but assume the notifications are sent from a different source.

I am guessing that the sending mail server’s IP is blocked either by my firewall or by my mail server. Can I find out what IP (range) the notifications are being sent from, please? I can then try to unblock whatever is holding them back.

Thank you.

Hi @dstiles

if your configuration works and if your certificates are renewed, if they are ~~ 60 days old:

No mail is sent.

The first mail comes if a certificate is max. 20 days valid and if there is no newer certificate with the same set of domain names.

So if your Letsencrypt renews certificates, you don't get a mail.

Sorry, I saw that in the documentation but read it as “You will receive notification unless YOU have changed the certificate”.

One of my certificates goes back to March and has been renewed ok. I made no changes in the interim and received no notification. So that is correct, then?

Yes, that's correct. What's your domain name? Check it with CT-logs, then you see the result.

Ah, I understand now. I hadn’t understood about the logging.

Thank you very much.

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