Switching servers / new IP address


I have successfully installed certbot on my previous server. All was working well. I just moved to a new server/ip and installed certbot on this new server. Now the domains that I have transferred to this new server, https isnt working any more. See for example https://www.nettics.net

Do I first need to remove the entries for the old IP addresses? And if so, where can I do this?


Hi @alvinbakker

In future please fill out the entire help section especially this bits about the client, the OS and web server you are running.

You error seems to be related to Web Server configuration:

Without knowing your web server it’s hard to point you to a solution

If you are transferring certificates to a new server you need to make sure you update your webserver to point to these and in some cases restart the web server


This error is a web server configuration error that indicates that the web server is trying to speak HTTP (instead of HTTPS) on port 443. As @ahaw021 said, this configuration problem is potentially unrelated to certificates, but could be due to something else in the web server configuration that’s saying to listen on port 443, but not to speak HTTPS there.


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