Moving to a diffrent Server



i successfully used certbot to get my homepage running with https.

Now im facing a new Problem, we want to change to a cheaper server offer.
Whats the best way to get my cert. to that new server?
I could just copy the files to the new Server and change the paths to that files.

Or is it smarter to (somehow) remove that licence and create a new one on the new Server?

best regards


The easiest way for me is to create a new certificate.

Moving it can cause several trouble (if you don’t do it correctly)

Thank you


Hi @1337Zero,

You can have two certificates for the same names that are valid at the same time. So you can leave the existing certificate in place and get a new certificate on the new server as well.


Ok thx.

I hope i wont get trouble.
If i get it, u will see me again.


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