Migrating domain to a new server

I have been using certbot for many years without incident.

I am planning on migrating my system to a new server, and I already have downtime planned.

The new server uses a much more up to date version of certbot and it uses the nginx installer/authenticator method, whereas the old server uses standalone

I am wondering if it is possible for me to simply abandon the old SSL cert from the old server, and when I transfer my domain to the new server, I can use certbot to just establish a new SSL cert for the same domain from this new server?

Is this possible? Or am I forced to copy the old one over?

For the record, I am using a floating IP and DNS is already configured for that, so my switchover to the new server should be instant

Yes. You can move the old certificate if you want, but you can simply obtain a new one if you prefer.


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