Can I have two certificates for the same domain on different servers?

I want to move a website

from one server to another, keeping the downtime as short as possible. At the time of writing, the older server has an IP address of and the new one

The certificate is working okay

I can copy the Apache configuration files to another server, as well as all the data. Then I can change the IP address where the DNS points the domain to.

Can I create the SSL certificates on the new server, without the DNS pointing at it, then update the DNS once all the data, configuration files and SSL certificates are in place on the new server. Or should I remove the certificates from the first server, change the DNS, then create them on the new server?

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Yes, but you need to use the dns challenge.

You can also copy the certificate (and private key) off the old server and then get a new one.

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Hi @drkirkby

renew the certificate on your old server.

Then copy it and use the same certificate with your old and your new server. Later, install Certbot / another client and renew the certificate.


that’s the easiest solution.

Not with http validation.

Never delete a certificate that is in use.

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