Support for Joomla or strange PHP-type sites?

My site is a hosted site, running Joomla 3.x (latest release). It appears to me these certificate installation processes are very much geared to installation on a linux box running your Apache server locally.

I suspect there’s a good bit I don’t know about running a command line prompt at my hosting provider’s site, but is there a process for installation on a remotely hosted PHP type site like Joomla that is under third party control/hosting? If I’m just too clueless is there a step-by-step for those of us who haven’t got hundreds of hours and host our site as a necessary side-line not as Apache experts?


if you can place a file in /.well-known/acme-challenge/ directory you can try manual authentificator
file must be returned in text-plain mime (can fiddle with .htaccess)

But you still will need to reconfigure apache on host to make use of certificate (or get tech support to reconf it)

Thank you for the reply,
I could manually create such a folder, but it doesn’t exist in the standard Joomla site file structure. Are you saying I should manually create it?