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Dear developers,

We are creating a script to install the certificates automaticaly:

certbot-auto -m $email --agree-tos --apache --no-eff-email --redirect -d $domain -d www.$domain

With these options, we can complete all de question that makes the certbot, but one of them we don’t know how to configure it.

This option is the selection of http that you need to chose where you install your certificate in the virtual host, we have only two option (two files differents)

Anyone know if this can be posible?

King regards


Hi @tariin94,

Could you please post an example of the question that Certbot asked?


this is the last step



The --apache option normally does expect there to be an existing virtual host referring to the name that you’re going to get a certificate for. It looks like that’s not true for your configuration. Can you explain a little more about why not?

In this case it looks like you also previously obtained a certificate for (without the www)—is that right? Did that work differently?


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