Sub-sub domain support?


Sorry if this has been answered before, but I can’t seem to find any information about it.

Do Let’s Encrypt support sub-sub domain support (e.g.


Yep, it definitely does.

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I’m not sure if LE will even care if you try to sign a TLD, but sub-sub-etc-domains are simply more strings that the certificate is valid for. :slight_smile: It’ll sign anything you tell it to as long as you can verify access to it.

It wont assign “anything” because Let’s Encrypt does not support Wildcard SSL’s at the moment.

Well, yes, anything specific you list for it. Wildcards are a special case, even for other signers.

Let's Encrypt supports subdomains, definitely. But it definitely doesn't support wildcards.

However Let's Encrypt will provide you TLS certs for any domain you demonstrate control of. LE currently isn't ideal as a commercial option. If you want wildcard support, you'd currently be better off with a commercial option.

Currently, LE has a limit of 20 domains per week. This is fine for home users, but if you're a business, probably isn't enough.

No, the limit is 20 certs per domain per week.


You can have 100 subdomains on a single cert. So you can effectively get 2000 names spread over 20 certs and then use SNI to pick the cert that matches the request.