Wildcard or IP based cert

Hi all,

I have a domain with 220 subdomains.
Is there any solutions for having 1 cert for all of them ? (all the subdomains are on the same public IP)

Do you provide wildcard or IP based cert ?


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The short answer is no

IP based certs are not allowed anyway, and Let’s Encrypt does not provide wildcard certs.

You could have up to 100 subdomains listed on each cert - so it would be possible with 3 certs, you may be better purchasing a wild card certificate though, depending on your requirements.

Certificates for IP addresses can be issued under the BRs, but Let's Encrypt chooses not to do so. It's not at all obvious how you'd automatically attest control over the IP address, as we've seen many Let's Encrypt users have a dynamic DNS setup as their address may change at any time.

While it would certainly be possible to get 220 subdomains on Let’s Encrypt by splitting them among multiple certs as other posts mention, this seems a better use, in principle, for a wildcard cert. Until LE supports wildcard certs, I’d recommend just spending a bit and getting the right tool for the job.

You could probably do some scripting to generate the 200± configs, and have the common stuff in include-files.
Having only one or a few domains per cert could perhaps be nicer on browsers, I guess.

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