Let's Encrypt Limit Increase Status?

We’re a hosting provider and offer our users subdomains for their sites. We also issue LE certificates for each subdomain combined with user-provided custom domains. We import these certificates into a CDN which can only accept a single certificate per site, which is why we can’t use our root domain wildcard cert.

We submitted a rate limit increase request because we’re running into the 50 domains/week limit for our root domain, but did not receive an acknowledgement. Is there any way to check the status of the request? We’re running into partial outages because of this issue.

From what I can see, the largest portion of certs are like <some-name>.app.render.com.
Would using a wildcard cert (like: *.app.render.com) for those names help?
This can be a problem when the customers have access to the private key for their site.
So when they all share the same cert they also share the same private key.
But I’m not sure how much is provided to each of your customers or how much you can “proxy” on their behalf (like a CDN).

Hi @anurag,

Thanks for using Let’s Encrypt!

I received your request and will put the request into the queue for deployment shortly. The change should be live this week and I will send you an e-mail when that happens.


Thanks! This is causing partial service degradation so really appreciate the quick turnaround.

Yes: we’d like to avoid exporting our wildcard private key given the security implications.

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