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It'd be nice if one could distinguish more easily between "planned maintenance without downtime" and "planned maintenance with downtime". I'm not nearly as interested in the weekly Boulder upgrades as in a scheduled downtime, but right now the status page treats them the same way.


Some kind of priority stack with fires on top would be cool, but that might be beyond the existing functionality of that page.


There is only so much configuration we can do with our status page. The general categories we can file information into are: maintenance and incidents. Maintenance doesn't have any sub-classification we can use while incidents offers various status levels like 'operational' and 'degraded performance'. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to transfer a maintenance to an incident so it can include more status information if things change mid-maintenance.

I will keep looking through the settings but I don't think there is a lot that can be done regarding that basic functionality.


Really what I'm looking for is more flexibility around what one can subscribe to, which I know is a pain point that others have brought up in the past. While some people want to know all the details, being able to exclude issues with staging and issues that don't have downtime would probably be more useful to more people.

Even if you can't make a better subscription mechanism easily, maybe there could be improvements to the status line at the top of the forum? It seems like it just says "Planned Maintenance" most of the time lately (due to the ACME v1 brownouts), but if it gave some more detail (like the most recent status update maybe?) it might be more helpful to people coming here wondering why they can't get a certificate during expected downtime.

And can you control the ordering of issues on the status page? The error message from Boulder just says to go to the status page, and it confused at least one person in that thread that the first thing they saw on the status page was the ACME v1 brownout starting days ago and that they had to scroll down to find the current problem. Putting the most urgent/main-production issues at the top of the status page might help with some of that.

Thank you for looking into all this!


@jple, if it's not already, this might look well on your "Comms-planning" wishlist.


YAHHHHH, @tlrenkensebastian have I told you how much I enjoy having you on the forum (it's a lot, tbh).

I approached the comms team about this on Tuesday. If we are pushing folks to subscribe to the API announcements forum category, we should use that as a place to give plenty of warning about any maintenance with downtime. As @jillian said, there's only so much we can do with the page and I think the "planned maintenance" does work there.

I'll keep working with the team on it, I really appreciate this feedback y'all! Keep being awesome.


This may also be related to the scale of the expected downtime. If something's going to be down for 5 minutes because it needs to be rebooted or whatever that's one thing, but the downtime on Monday was scheduled to be for an hour (and then ended up lasting longer to boot), and that's a bit more disruptive.

Another thing, with expected downtime in general, is that it'd be nice if there were a normal regular "maintenance window". Maybe there is one that I'm not aware of, but something like "any expected downtime would be on Mondays from 10:00 to 12:00 UTC" or whatever (I just made that time up of course) might help people, even if most weeks there wasn't actually downtime then. Or at least, something like that might be a stopgap workaround if we can't have an easy subscription for prod-downtime-only events.

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