Still at "Reduced issuance capacity"?

The banner that’s been at the top of these forums the last couple days of a “Partial Service Disruption” is gone, however, when I go to the status page:

  1. I see “Active Incident” at the top, though with a green background, so I don’t know if that means there is an incident happening now or not.
  2. Next to that “Active Incident” it says “Updated a few seconds ago”, though it seems to always say “Updated a few seconds ago” whenever I’ve looked over the past couple days even when the page content doesn’t seem to have changed.
  3. There’s an orange box for the “Reduced issuance capacity” in “High Assurance Datacenter 2”, still saying “We plan to have the hardware replaced by end of day Wednesday.” Since the time it started saying that (on Tuesday), a Wednesday has come and passed. Is this referring to the following Wednesday (this coming September 2), or has it just not been updated? Or is it trying to give me some historical information and everything’s all set now?

I’m just a bit confused and am curious if everything has returned to “normal” or not.


Hi @petercooperjr,

Good catch. When I ran the boulder upgrade maintenance earlier today, the automation set the status for acme-v0{1,2} in HA DC2 to good, rather than partial service disruption. I’ve updated those two object’s status to reflect reality.


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