Improving the service status widget

@jsha and I are making improvements to the widget that shows up in the community forum's header when a service is disrupted.

The message will now show which service is disrupted. For example: Service status: Scheduled maintenance: (Staging)

If multiple services are disrupted, it will show the one that is the "most" disrupted (e.g. complete service disruption is worse than degraded performance). In case there's still a tie among disrupted services, it will pick the first one in the set.

This will hopefully be a little clearer in cases where staging, but not production, is disrupted.


If there are multiple outages, will it look different from a single outage? It makes sense not to list everything, but I would want it to tell me that there's more information available.


Not currently, but thanks for the suggestion! We might end up reordering the “containers” (groups) to make it both more concise and more informative when this happens.


if msg.count > 1 show


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