Status of official letsencrypt client's dns-01 challenge support?

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So what’s the current status of official letsencrypt client’s dns-01 challenge support ?

And official documentation ?

I think this is where it’s all happening ?

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I haven’t looked at this so I don’t really know. My high-level understanding was just “no support in our Python client for the DNS challenge yet”.


As nice as the official client is - doing dns validation inherently is going to either be a manual process or involve custom written hooks to integrate with your particular dynamic dns provider. Right now, other clients have that working much more simply.

Super quick and easy recommendation with very low requirements:

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as now letsencrypt announced remove beta, does official client implement dns-01 challenge?

According to comments on the pull request, it seems to be pretty close. Looks like the code has been complete for a while, they're just finalizing the testing.