Which DNS Providers have public APIs To Allow Automation of DNS-01 Challenge

A; What DNS providers support DNS-01 automated challenge.
I could have sworn I saw this list somewhere but been looking for a few minutes now and can’t find it, thank you,

A; As of now or nearing the end of the year what clients support automatic DNS-01 challenge?

In principle any DNS provider can be used with the dns-01 challenge IF they provide some means by which a machine can add or change DNS records, specifically DNS TXT records for a domain name.

However, each Let’s Encrypt (ACME) client will need to be programmed to make use of such a method. For example, the famous https://acme.sh/ shell script client works with all the DNS APIs listed here:

I believe Certbot’s latest version supports a much more limited set.

Thank you, I also found this:

have a look at a tutorial i did on how to do this with certbot


I went for a rather complex way. I’m running my own DNS server on the dedicated server which also runs the Let’s Encrypt clients. However, as DNS requires me to always keep the DNS records accessible which I as a hobbyist cannot really do I decided to use a slave DNS provider. While the slaves are the only ones in the domain records whenever I use nsupdate to do edits to the master it would push those changes to the slaves. As this can imply a tiny delay I edited the acme.sh script to add a 5 second delay.

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