Using Certbot and DNS01

I wish to use Certbot with my nginx server and I want to use DNS-01 for validation. When I run certbot at the moment it is trying to use HTTP which I do not want to use. I then want it to auto-renew the certificates.

I have had a look at the documentation, but my Linux-fu isn’t very good :frowning: Could someone kindly point me in the right direction please?

For DNS-01 to work in an automated fashion, you will need to have an ACME client that supports a DNS API plugin that works with your DNS provider.

Step #1: See if your DNS provider has an API to update DNS zone entries.

If NO (to #1), stop and you will have to do it manually or introduce an alternate DNS provider/system to handle the DNS authentication challenges.

If YES (to #1), Proceed.

Step #2. Finding the right ACME client
This will require matching the ACME client to your specific O/S (and version) and the DNS API plugin support. You can start here for that:

And, of course, return here with any further questions or problems that you may encounter.
[ hopefully few - and simple ones :slight_smile: ]

Thanks rg. I do not believe that our DNS provider has an API.

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