Staging Hierarchy Changes

Today February 18, 2021, we updated our staging environment to better match Production. All certificates in Staging are being signed by (STAGING) Artificial Apricot R3 and chain to our new Staging root (STAGING) Doctored Durian Root CA X3. We’ve also created comparable certs for R4, E1, E2, X1, and X2 that we will be able to issue from in Staging before enabling them in Production.


The Staging Environment web page is now updated with details about the new Staging Root and Intermediate.

In the next few days and weeks we'll be making more changes to the Staging Environment so it will better match Production and offer a useful test environment for upcoming production changes like the chain switch and signing from our ECDSA roots and intermediates (noted as 'upcoming').

Addtionally, we noticed our test hierarchy has the wrong AIA CA Issuers URI and CRL Distribution Point URI on the certificate: (STAGING) Artificial Apricot R3 signed by (STAGING) Doctored Durian Root CA X3. That fix will be done in the next few days too.


This issue was resolved during this brief maintenance window.


The Let's Encrypt team has made the final fixes to the hierarchy. The Staging hierarchy now mirrors the hierarchy in Production with one notable difference.

The (STAGING) Doctored Durian Root CA X3 certificate was issued with a now passed expiration date.

In addition, the Staging Environment offers a default chain that is comparable to the future Production default noted above. Staging's default chain is now:
(STAGING) Artificial Apricot R3 <-- (STAGING) Pretend Pear X1 <-- (STAGING) Doctored Durian Root CA X3