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Today February 18, 2021, we updated our staging environment to better match Production. All certificates in Staging are being signed by (STAGING) Artificial Apricot R3 and chain to our new Staging root (STAGING) Doctored Durian Root CA X3 . We’ve also created comparable certs for R4, E1, E2, X1, and X2 that we will be able to issue from in Staging before enabling them in Production.

I love these names! Is this a sign that Let's Encrypt is planning to name staging certificates after an adjective connoting "fake" and a name of a fruit? Kind of like how Ubuntu releases have a positive adjective and a name of an animal?

Much as I was tempted in the past to come up with hypothetical Ubuntu release names, I've thought of these questionable fruits, which you're welcome to use :grinning:

:question: :kiwi_fruit:

  • [A already used]
  • Bogus Banana :banana:
  • Counterfeit Cherry :cherries:
  • [D already used]
  • Ersatz Elderberry
  • Fishy Fig
  • Gimmicky Grape :grapes:
  • Hoax Huckleberry (more of an attributive noun than an adjective)
  • Imitation Ilama (had not heard of this one before)
  • Janky Jujube
  • Knock-off Kiwi :kiwi_fruit:
  • Lying Lemon :lemon: (kind of harsh!)
  • Misleading Mango :mango:
  • Nonauthentic Nectarine
  • Ostensible Orange
  • Pretend Peach :peach:
  • Questionable Quince
  • Retouched Raspberry
  • Supposed Strawberry :strawberry:
  • Tricky Tangerine :tangerine:

:laughing: . Thanks for the new word.


In German (where it originates) it just means 'replacement' or 'substitute' (like Ersatzverkehr, when a train is temporarily replaced with a bus or something), but in English it acquired the additional connotation of 'imitation' or 'counterfeit'!


I wouldn't say we're committed to the scheme long term (there are only so many good adjectives and fruits!) but yes, that's certainly what @jillian was going for! I'll let her share the rest of the names that were deployed today :slight_smile:


Seth, these are awesome! I'm not sure if we'll continue this path, but I appreciate you're suggestions and wish I had thought of some of these!

Our new Staging hierarichy includes fruits and vegetables
(STAGING) Pretend Pear X1
(STAGING) Bogus Broccoli X2
(STAGING) Aritificial Apricot R3, R4
(STAGING) Ersatz Edamame E1, E2

When making a developement hierarchy to test these changes I used a salad theme for the 'Interesting Salad Research Group CA' including:
(DEV) Sham Spinach
(DEV) Counterfeit Kale
(DEV) Imitation Iceberg
(DEV) Reproduction Romaine


ICO next month and IPO by EOY


I'm not sure this one fits the bill.

Immitation start with "eye"
llama starts with "el"

And I too now know a new word/fruit!


lying llama? :thinking:


Most definitely. He lied about being a fruit!


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