SSLforfree -- 3 months?


I have a Wordpress site hosted by Godaddy, watched “”, and managed to install a free SSL certificate in about 45 minutes. Very happy about that.

It’s listed as being valid for three months. I don’t see any auto renew settings in sslforfree. Is there a way to set up auto renewal and/or to extend the length of time the certificate is valid for? Thanks.


Hi @Luckyword

sslforfree is a pure online service. But if you want to have a certificate, Letsencrypt must check, that you are the domain owner. So you have to place a special file under /.well-known/acme-challenge/ our you have to create a special dns name with a value. And sslforfree doesn’t have access to your server, so you must install your certificate manual.

So no auto renew is possible if you use sslforfree.

Letsencrypt certificates are only 90 days valide.

So sslforfree is good to test it, but it’s not a long time solution.

There are WordPress - Addins which supports Letsencrypt. Isn’t it possible to use one of these? And there are clients if you have shell access.


Let’s Encrypt certificates are always valid for three months, there is no way to change this. Setting up autorenewal depends very heavily on your host supporting it. GoDaddy is pretty well-known for not doing so. This means that you will either need to manually renew every three months (you should be able to do so in about 10 minutes - I had to do this for a site I managed for a nonprofit til I could get them off GoDaddy) or you’ll need to move to a host that supports autorenewal.


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