SSL sertificate renewal on Ubuntu?


We have SSL sertificate on Ubuntu, which is running on Azure VM.

The sertificate is located to /etc/letsencrypt/

Would somebody help, how to renew the sertificate?


I'm not a certbot expert but I think you can just type certbot renew (or maybe sudo certbot renew if you run into permissions issues). I don't know if you then need to manually restart your webserver (apache or nginx?).

The forum as a good set of predefined questions when you try to post to the Help category, which take a lot of the guesswork out of helping you, so you should use that.

Note that on ubuntu you can type history to see recently issued commands (by the same user), this can be useful to see the syntax previously used to run certain commands especially if it wasn't you who set it up.

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I am getting cerbot command not found and assume that it is not installed. Web manager is on holiday, so I am wondering if there is any other command for updating?

Are you logged in as the same user they would use?

You could try sudo /usr/bin/certbot --version to see if it's installed in the default place for ubuntu.

There are other options (it could be an old install, it could be certbot-auto)

This is now resolved. Thank you.


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