SSL : cURL error 51


Recently I got an ssl sertificate from
Everything seemed to work good until I tried to activate my most important wordpress plugin.
I am getting the following message:
" Could not connection. cURL error 51: SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name ‘’ "
I have contacted the plugin devs(alidropship) and my hosting(hostwinds). Hosting support disabled Modsec for my domain but the problem still persists, both plugin devs and hosting do not know what might be the issue.
Any ideas on how I could solve this?
Thank you!



Can you provide a little more info about exactly where / when you get the error ? if I check I don’t get or see any error


Alidropship sells a wordpress plugin which you need to activate and when i got ssl i had to reactivate and when i try i get this:


Can I just check, what your domain name is ?




Thanks. What version of openssl to you have on your server ? and do you have SSH access to be able to run commands ? and root access ?


I’ll ask hosting support for that, i’ll come back to your shortly.


The openssl : OpenSSL 0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 01 Jul 2008
Unfortunately, I do not have ssh or root access


I think that is probably the reason for your error - you are on an old version of openssl. What’s your OS ? that potentially wants updating to


The node i’m on is presently running cPanel on CentOS 5


That’s very close to “End of Life” which is Mar 31, 2017 for Centos 5, and doesn’t support some of the more modern features / issues ( which is why I’m pretty sure you are getting that error ).


But before i got ssl everything was working flawlessly so it shouldn’t be an OS problem right?


You weren’t trying to use more modern security techniques before.

It’s a bit like door locks on cars … if you have a key for an old car, it’s fine. If you “upgrade” and use wireless remote control keys and say they should be used … it still won’t work on the old car that doesn’t have the modern electronics. An old fashioned key will still work - but not the more modern remote control keys. With the old method it works flawlessly, and you can carry on using the old method, but it’s still a “problem” with the car if you want to use the modern methods and it doesn’t support it.

All these things are a balance, and to use the more recent systems / protocols etc you need the more recent operating systems and functions. If you don’t want to use the more recent systems / protocols that is fine, but don’t expect the latest protocols to work on old systems.


Awesome explanation, i guess I need to find a new host since the current one won’t upgrade anything unless i switch to VPS hosting which sucks, any recommendations on the reliable host with my requirements?


what are your requirements ? ( disk space, bandwidth, number of domains, tech support etc ? ) Someone may have some good suggestions. Since I have server admin skills I generally have different requirements to you, as I tend to use more cloud / vps servers.


at least 50gb of disk space, unlimited bandwith, 1 domain nothing fancy.


You could try someone like as an equivalent to your current hosting (space, price, bandwidth etc). They support Let’s Encrypt, and have 24/7 support to help you out.


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