SSL certificates for domains who begin with com


My server asked me to call your services.

I have two domains who begin wiht com.
And I would like to transfer my blogs to https.
But comodo cannot provide SSL certificates for domains who begin with com.
This is an internal policy.
Could you provide me SSL certificates for this two domains : and

Thank your for your support.

Best regards
Joanna Giner

Let’s Encrypt has issued certificates for many such domains:

Yours probably aren’t blacklisted either. Try it and see.


@joannagin, if you’re not familiar with Let’s Encrypt, see

Please note that our certificates expire after 90 days and we strongly recommend using a method that provides automated renewal (so that you don’t have to obtain and install certificates manually every 90 days).

If you’re not allowed to install software on your web server or not familiar with doing so, and your hosting provider doesn’t directly support Let’s Encrypt, you can also use a web client like to obtain the certificates inside your web browser. However, this is not automated so you will have to repeat the process at least every 90 days.

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