How to Add SSL Certificate to Domain Name

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My domain is:

I ran this command:

It produced this output:

My web server is (include version):

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version):Windows 10

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: not confimed yet

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don’t know):I don’t know

I’m using a control panel to manage my site (no, or provide the name and version of the control panel):I am going to choose Windows Based Hosting Plan

I want to know that how can I enable Free SSL Certificate to my Website, and many Hosting Company is not providing SSL Certificate for Domain Name.

so please tell me the Procedure to Install & Download SSL Certificate for Website.

my question will be weird but don’t give negative feedback or delete my post. PLEASE

Hi @dhavalveera,

I'd recommend that you choose a hosting company that does provide certificates. There are many of them and you can take this into account when choosing one.

Obtaining and installing Let's Encrypt certificates outside of your web server environment is cumbersome and risky. Part of the design of Let's Encrypt is that the certificate process should be automated in order to ensure that renewal happens on a proper schedule and in order to allow shorter certificate lifetimes without inconveniencing users. Currently Let's Encrypt certificates last for only 90 days, and there's a possibility that they'll be given a considerably shorter lifetime in the future.

A nearly complete list of application software that can request Let's Encrypt certificates is found at

but, again, you'll probably not have a very positive experience if you use this sort of software other than directly on your web server.

does anyone had taken SSL Certificate directly from Let’s Encrypt instead of Hosting Companies ??

if Yes then please tell me how to do it

Yes, probably hundreds of thousands of people have done this. They all chose one of the client implementations on the "ACME Client Implementations" page that I linked to above, installed it on a computer, and used it to obtain certificates.

If they didn't have administrative access to their web servers, or they installed the client application on a machine other than the web server where the certificate was used, most of them have probably been annoyed by the renewal process and concluded that Let's Encrypt is such a great service—largely because they weren't using it as intended.

can you help me over this, via private chat ?

Sorry, if you have specific questions, please post them in a public thread here.

I’ve this only, after downloading of ACME Client Implementations then how to use it, I need guide for that as well

You need to choose one of the applications listed there and then look at the documentation for that application.

as I selected Certbot & then I selected Apache then after what to select ?

and how to download that ?

Certbot currently isn’t supported on Windows. You’ll probably want to choose a client from the Windows section of that list.

I’ve downloaded :- * Certify The Web (Windows) (v4 onwards), now how can I Install & Download Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate to my Website ?

Have you looked through their Getting Started guide and documentation?

Yes, but little bit confused that’s why I asked again & also Free Version have only limited number of Domains Names can be added ?

Hi @dhavalveera

what's your concrete setting? There are some limits (some IIS limits, some from Letsencrypt). But in a lot of cases these limits are not really relevant.

Which parts are you struggling with? It wouldn’t be an easy process for anyone here to explain the entire set of documentation in further detail than it has been covered in already. If you can explain where you got stuck, I’m sure we could help better.

but Certify The Web is giving the Limit 5 Domains can get SSL Certificate through it’s Software… but this Limit is really can crossed for Free or they strictly they give on 5 Domains to get SSL Certificate through Certify the Web ?

to get SSL Certificate our Domain should be bind with Hosting Account ?

also when I open Certify The Web Application on Windows Machine, then it is asking 2 things, 1st was of IIS & 2nd Add Domain.

then I’ve to add Domain Name in 2nd Field, but after that what to do, I’m little bit confused for that.


If you use certify the web, you could only obtain & install (what they called "manage") certificate for 5 sites (for free).

The domain should be set to a IP Address, it may be your server or a hosting provider's, you should point the domain to the machine that you are requesting the certificate from.

Yes. Then you should click on "request certificate" or adjust the settings according to the UI options...

Certify the web also have a get started page.. and that page provides some steps in how you would obtain a certificate.

After you added the domains on the screen, there should be an option on right hand stating "request certificate"..

If the IIS is correctly set up, the certificate will be requested & issued successfully.

Please try this (and read the docs, if possible)

Thank you

Looks like this is only a limit of "Certify The Web".

Isn't it possible that you use another of these Windows clients?

If the OP wants a fool-proof GUI software, that seems to be the only options.