How to Add SSL Certificate to Domain Name

what other Windows Clients I can use ???

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Check the list of clients. I don't use them, so I don't know the details. I'm using my own client.

which Client you are using ?

also are you using Windows or any other OS ??

I am using my own client, not published. And it's a console client, not a GUI.

I have a subdomain service with special requirements. So all domains can use the same /acme-challenge directory with files like

If there is a GET

the webserver checks, if there is a file


and sends it.

please any can tell me that what kind of Error this is ???

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You can't get a certificate if the website is a parking domain:

<!-- Server: P3PWFWD002 --><!DOCTYPE html><body style="padding:0; margin:0;"><html><body><iframe src="" style="visibility: visible;height: 100%; position:absolute" allowtransparency="true" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" frameborder="0" width="100%"></iframe></body></html><!-- T: 2128 --><!-- Server: P3PWFWD002 -->

Do you run this tool on your server? Or on your local pc?

what is Parking Domain ??

I’m running this Tool via CMD, as per Documentation given on their Respective Website.

@JuergenAuer is saying that you need to have a machine that functions as a web server, and the DNS records for your domain need to be pointed at that machine’s IP address. Then, you need to run the commands for the web service on that machine. Usually, that machine would be a colocated server or a virtual server instance that you are renting.

If you don’t have your own web server machine, running these commands is not applicable to your situation at all. If you do and you haven’t pointed the DNS records at your web server’s IP address, you have to do that first.

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“Parking” refers to a situation where a newly registered domain name is pointed at a generic site maintained by the domain registrar (or an integrated registrar and web host), where the generic site’s content just states that the site has been registered, but can’t be changed by the customer. This is often the case when a domain is first registered, before the customer has set up the DNS records to point at any servers. @JuergenAuer is concerned that your domain might still be in this state, in which case you won’t be able to obtain a certificate for it at all until your DNS records are updated to point at some server that you control or that a hosting company is operating on your behalf.

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means I need my Website to Hosted on any Hosting Providers Hosting Plan, am I right ?

also if possible then please tell me more clearly & briefly so I can understand properly

You’ll need to choose a hosting provider / server first before you could obtain (and more importantly, use) a certificate for your website. (Because your website need a IP to host on…)

If you purchased a plan through hosting provider, most providers would provide you instructions on how to setup (point) your domain to their server… (Shared hosting)

(A medium percent of those providers have automatic certificate, which means you mostly don’t need to worry about requesting the certificate and renew it)

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insort, until I don’t have Hosting Plan for my Domain Name till that time I can’t Obtain any SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt, right ?

You could obtain a certificate via DNS validation (like any other commerical certificate provider, obtain the certificate by adding a required DNS record)... But I can't imagine any use for a domain certificate without a hosting...

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means your opinion is that first Link the Domain to a Hosting Plan & then Obtain SSL Certificate, am I right ?

Yes, this is the typical use case.

Thanks @schoen and @stevenzhu for the explantation of "parking domain".

It might be technically possible, but it is difficult and inconvenient. Normally, you should have a hosting plan first.

@stevenzhu mentioned that some web hosts support Let's Encrypt automatically (so you don't have to obtain the certificate yourself, because the web host can do it for you). There's a big thread on this forum to try to make a list of the web hosting providers who make this convenient:

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but what about, GoDaddy is not providing nir Supporting Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate, then I"ve to do it on myself only.

so Obtaining SSL Certificate from Let"s Encrypt then first I need Hosting, right ???


It's fine to obtain the certificate before the hosting...
However, since obtaining the certificate is relatively easy and takes a short time, you could also do it after you got the hosting.

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but I tried just yesterday, i was fail to Obtain, you can see that I’ve attach the Error Image which I get via CMD.

please refer me that & tell me what is the problem

You’ll need to use DNS validations instead of http since you have no web server to actually put the challenge files on.