How to Add SSL Certificate to Domain Name

didn’t get you exactly,

how to get DNS Validation ?

Try or (select txt validation and follow their instructions please)
(web based client because GoDaddy does not seems to have effective API)

The particular command you ran yesterday was meant to be run on your web server, which effectively doesn’t exist because you don’t have web hosting yet. It wasn’t meant to be run on your own computer.

I am using it with Caddy, means if I need to use Caddy then I need my Domain should be Hosted, with Hosting Provider, right ?

If you have caddy server, you should already have a IP (or you'll need to publicilize your server onto www... For information on this, please Google it since cases varies)

You just need to point the server to the IP and test if the website is working in http. If it's working (and pointed correctly), run the caddy program that specifically designed to obtain let's encrypt certificate.

Thank you

means to use Caddy, I need my Domain to be on Hosting, right

Sorry I don't get that....

You'll need to point your domain to that caddy server.

Just btw: are you using a translation service? I'm afriad there might be some confusion on "hosting service"


how to point my Domain to Caddy Server ?

I am not expert in English ,thats why I am asking again

Where is the caddy server? (At home? At other places or at a ISP's)

didn’t get you exactly

It seems like you might have downloaded Caddy onto your own computer. This is usually not correct. You need to have a web server first and then install Caddy on that server.

Did you already have the caddy server seted up on a server (normally raspberry pi, real servers, vps or cloud servers)
Did it (the server) connected to the world wide web? (Have IP address?)

If so, point your domain to that server… And setup the caddy server as you need.

If not, … It’s a complex question.

can you tell me more about this, as I didn’t understand what you mean to say

No, I haven’t Setup Caddy Server on my Hosting Plan.

In this case.... You could try to use the DNS method to obtain the certificate.... (Mentioned in #43 )

The instructions that you followed to request a certificate don't apply to your situation.

Please set up web hosting before attempting to obtain a certificate.

You may be able to use a web hosting plan that obtains the certificate automatically.

This is possible, but I don't believe it will be helpful to @dhavalveera because a certificate obtained with this method before setting up web hosting cannot be automatically renewed. I think he should set up web hosting first.

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