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So in the past i used to host that website on an ubuntu server with nginx on a digital ocean droplet and i used lets encrypt for ssl. But since, i have destroyed that droplet and everything linked to that and i am now hosting my website to their new App platform which offers automatic SSL. Recently, i received an email about renewing my certificate. Do i ignore that e-mail or is there any action i should take?
I guess that renewal notice is for my old server so i think its fine to ignore it. If it expires will it affect my website which is hosted elsewhere? And if i dont need it anymore is there a way to stop those e-mail notices from being sent to me or will they stop automatically after the expiration?
Thank you in advance!


Just ignore it.

No, it won't affect.

You get normally limited amount of such notices. After the certificate expires, you won't get any more.


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Some additional clarifications beyond what @bruncsak correctly stated:


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